mSpy - Track Your
Cheating Spouse

This tracking app can tell you all about
your partner’s digital life.

  • View all incoming, outgoing, or deleted messages
  • Check their call history
  • Track the GPS location of the device
  • Works on iPhone, iPad, or any Android

Are you getting cheated ?

Be aware with Mspy

Monitor partner's device like a pro

Facts you can trust. Just do it!

Call logs

GPS tracking

Web history


Social Apps

Media Files

  • Cheating is in my partner’s DNA. He promised to stop, but I was not sure in him. This spy app has helped me prove my husband's infidelity. I discovered that he has been hooking up with his ex. I was really surprised that this spyware gave me the possibility to know his locations and even read my husband's deleted messages.


  • This spy app made it possible to track my wife’s movements and locations. I asked her where she was and was constantly told the “wrong” locations. Then I looked though her real locations and soon I was able to predict where my wife would be at what time. One day I occurred at the café where she was with the other man. That is a great fit for those who wish to catch a cheater!


  • I knew he was cheating, I just needed the proof. A friend of mine told me about this tracking app. I’ve installed it on my partner’s phone and finally I got that proof. It’s a double-edged sword, I got the truth, but I don’t like it. Still, those who need to reveal the truth will highly value this tracker.


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