Phone monitoring app for parental control

Remotely monitor SMS, calls, GPS location, routes, messaging apps, web browsing and other activity of your kids on all smartphones and tablets

Why choose mSpy TM

mSpy™ is compatible with almost all Android and iOS devices: phones, tablets, iPhones and iPads
mSpy™ updates information about all activities on the target device remotely every 5 min
You will remain 100% invisible, as mSpy™ icon won't be displayed
It takes up to 5 minutes to set up mSpy™. No jailbreak or root required*
mSpy™ securely stores data captured on the target device. And only you can view it
The price is less than $1 per day!

Monitor almost any data on the target device with mSpy™

Facebook Messenger
Call logs
Location monitoring
Photos & videos
Browsing history
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What do you need to start monitoring

Apple Android
User’s credentials
Physical access
Installation on a device
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3 easy steps to start monitoring with mSpy™


Buy mSpyTM

Select one of the mSpy™ subscriptions and fill out the order form. Complete your payment and check your email for further instructions.


Install and Set Up

Download mSpy™ and install it on the target device.

*Please note: Premium features require rooting target Android device.

Start Monitoring

Log in to personal mSpy™ Control Panel to start monitoring messaging apps, GPS location, multimedia content and any other activities taking place on the monitored device.

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If any questions left

How does mSpy™ work?

mSpy™ collects data from the device and displays it in the Control Panel which you can access from any browser. To start using mSpy™, you need to check the compatibility of the device you’d like to monitor, choose the subscription plan and proceed with the purchase. After that you receive an email with the login and password to your personal Control Panel. Log in to your Panel to find the installation instructions. To install the mSpy™ app you’ll need to have a full authorized physical access to the target device. Launch the target mobile phone's browser, type in the link for downloading the mSpy™ app and continue with the installation. By installing mSpy™, you confirm your intention to use this software legally, i. e. you install mSpy™ on your own device, the device of your underage child or the owner of the device agrees to be monitored.

Is it legal to use mSpy™?

The mSpy™ software is created for parents to help them supervise the online activity of their children. It is absolutely legal to use mSpy™ if:
- You own the device monitored and the person who uses it is fully aware of it
- You monitor the device of your minor child
Keep in mind that you are solely responsible for the use and misuse of the mSpy™ app. It is also your responsibility to determine which disclosures, notifications, or agreements may be necessary in your jurisdiction, as applied to the specific facts and circumstances under which you want to use mSpy™. In case of having any unresolved issues or questions regarding the legal use of mSpy™ parental control app, please contact your legal counsel. mSpy™ cannot provide legal advice.

What happens after the purchase?

As soon as the payment is confirmed (you receive a confirmation email from the billing company) you need to check your inbox for the welcome email from mSpy™. Make sure you check both Inbox and Spam folders. The welcome email contains the link to your personal web Control Panel (data storage) and Login credentials. Simply follow the link and login to your Control Panel where you will find an Installation Wizard. It will walk you through the installation process and help to set up a new device.

Will the product be delivered on a CD or?

No, the product won't be delivered. mSpy™ is an online service and information from the monitored phone will be displayed in the Control Panel in your client account.

How many devices does my subscription cover?

One subscription plan allows you to monitor only one device. If you want to monitor 2 mobile phones at a time, you need to purchase two subscriptions.

Can I change monitored devices at no cost?

Yes. As many times as you wish.

Can I install mSpy™ remotely?

You can set up mSpy™ remotely only on the iOS running device. You will only need to get iCloud credentials of the target device and enable iCloud backup on the iOS device you intend to monitor. To install mSpy™ on any Android device, a physical access is required.

What if I don't have physical access?

You can't install mSpy™ without physical access to the Android device. In case 2-factor authentication is enabled on the target iPhone or iPad, you will also need to have direct access to the device to set up the mSpy™ app.

Can I monitor by phone number or IMEI?

No. And no other service can, so beware of cheaters.

Will it work in my country?

Yes. mSpy™ monitoring software works regardless of the cellular carrier network or the location of the target device and is compatible with all service providers (carriers). However, mSpy™ requires Internet connection to transfer data to your personal account (Control Panel - your account that will be created after purchase). So make sure the target device is connected to Wi-Fi network or has a mobile data turned on.

Is the software detectable?


Is the icon visible?


Is there any uninstall notification?

Yes. You will receive a notification, when app will be removed from the target device.

Does mSpy™ consume a lot of battery power?


How to install mSpy™ on Android?

Place the order and log in to your Control Panel with login credentials provided in welcome letter. Follow the instructions in your Panel to download and install the app. If you want to use Premium mSpy™ features, you will need to root your device. Rooting is not complicated and support team can help you with that.

How to install mSpy™ on iOS?

No installation is required for iOS. You need to provide iCloud account credentials of the target device you intend to monitor. Once you enter the iCloud credentials in your Control Panel, mSpy™ will link the target iOS device with your personal mSpy™ account and start retrieving data directly from the cloud. Physical access to the iPhone may be required in case 2-step authentication is enabled.

I have Android and my daughter has iPhone. Can I still monitor it?


I have iPhone and my son has Android. Can I still monitor it?


Where can I check data from the monitored device?

Once mSpy™ is set up on the monitored device and is connected to our server, the information will be automatically displayed in your personal Control Panel that can be accessed from any browser.

How often does mSpy™ information gets updated?

Using mSpy™ No-Jailbreak solution, you receive information within 24 hour since the latest back up has been done. Usually it takes that much time because backups can reach up to few gigabytes and it depends on Wi-Fi connection quality. If you have mSpy™ on an Android, you can expect to receive updates based on the Update Interval you have selected. The Update Interval specifies how often mSpy™ is connected to our server and transfers information directly to your Control Panel. When manually adjusting Update Interval in your Panel, please note that short update intervals (less than 10 min) may consume battery life considerably. Sometimes it can take up to 24 hours to receive all updates especially if the phone constantly uses 3G/4G connection which is not very stable and always depends on signal strength.

How can I uninstall mSpy™?

If you suspect that mSpy™ is illegally installed on your device, you can uninstall it using the following instructions:
iOS devices: To remove the mSpy™ app from the iOS device of your child, contact our Customer Support and they will unlink target iOS device from your mSpy™ account. Then you should change the iCloud password and enable two-factor authentication.
Android devices: Go to Phone Settings > Security > Device Administrators > Update Service > Deactivate > Get back to Settings > Apps > Update Service > Uninstall

What if I need technical support?

We offer four levels of mSpy™ technical assistance:
Free service for Basic subscription users: e-mail support, live chat assistance.
Free service for Premium subscription users: e-mail and live chat assistance.
Phone Support – paid personalized customer assistance in addition to free assistance options. Get access to 24/7 phone support, step by step installation guide, and more!
mAssistance - paid VIP rooting assistance, installation of mSpy™ with Team Viewer, features setup and 24/7 technical assistance over the phone, in live chat and email support.
The phone support and mAssistance services are optional and non-refundable.

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